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D2M Music

Whether it is from growing as an artist/performer to actually recording and releasing your very own single, D2M Music, under the direction of Grammy™ nominated music producer GIUSEPPE D. and recording artist/music impresario LORI MICHAELS, will enhance your sound, improve your style, and help you live your musical dreams.

We are a one-stop music production, songwriting, distribution and consulting company based in Ridgefield, NJ located inside the PEAK Performing Arts Center - a 11,000 square foot rehearsal and event space. For more information, email us at d2mmusic@yahoo.com.

Click below to listen to our catalog:

DMM001 Lori Michaels “Rebound”
DMM002 Danielle Staub “Real Close” (feat. Lori Michaels)
DMM003 Danielle Staub “Cry”
DMM004 Lori Michaels “Holidays”
DMM005 Lori Michaels “Tattletale”
DMM006 Naked Cowgirl Cindy Fox “Ride It Like A Cowgirl”
DMM007 Lori Michaels “Standing Here”
DMM008 Lori Michaels “Rain Down Love”
DMM009 Lori Michaels “Lady Of The Harbor”
DMM010 Lori Michaels “Boogie Shoes” (feat. Sasha A. Mess)
DMM011 Lori Michaels “Let Love Conquer All” (feat. Jennifer Petronzio)
DMM012 Lori Michaels “Joey’s Song” (feat. Joey DiPaolo)
DMM013 Jambox “Music Luva” (feat. Lori Michaels & Lori Wall)
DMM016 Lori Michaels “For Love”
DMM017 Lori Michaels “Reach Out Together” (feat. K7)
DMM019 Lori Michaels “Standing Here (Piano Unplugged Live)”
DMM020 John & Lori “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
DMM201 Lori Michaels “NOW”
DMM202 Lori Michaels “Exposed”
DMM203 Various Artists "Lori Michaels Peak Workout Mix Volume 1
- Non-Stop Mix by DJ Giuseppe D.”